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Grudziądzka 124/126, 87-100 Toruń
Tomasz Wiaderek

Design and construction of grain mills
Product portfolio
Flat sifters, Square sifter, Sifting machines, Cassel sifters, Processing lines, Food processing machinery, Drum, air and sieve separators, Selectors, Trippers, Mixers, Assembly of mills, Construction of special installations, Mill equipment, Mill accessories, Cleaning equipment, Machine construction, Sluices, Conveyors, Filter cyclones, Humidifiers
Spomasz S.A. Toruńskie Zakłady Urządzeń Młynńskich Spomasz S.A. provides comprehensive services to customers in the grain and milling, feed, confectionery and bakery, spice production and other industries

The primary objective of SPOMASZ SA is to continuously improve the customer-oriented organisation of the company. The company guarantees its customers that their expectations are met at all service positions and makes every effort to ensure that the professionalism, efficiency and flexibility of its operations meet the requirements of every customer. A happy and satisfied customer is a key element of the company’s strategy and a guarantee of its success. The company tries to anticipate the development of customer needs related to technological and technical developments

Thanks to its experience, reliability and attention to the highest possible level of offered machinery and services, SPOMASZ S.A. has gained a reputation as a reliable partner on the domestic and foreign markets

Through the continuous development of products and their assortments as well as the expansion of domestic and foreign markets, SPOMASZ S.A. has achieved considerable success in all directions of its activity, both in the supply of individual machines and equipment as well as finished mill objects and in various types of modernisation works

We are not just a manufacturing company – we are a company that creates solutions for customers

Tomasz Wiaderek

Sales Director

0048 56 62 313 46

48 785055013

Grudziądzka 124/126



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