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ul. Piłsudskiego 11/1A 31-110 Kraków

Firma Handlowo-Produkcyjna JANAS sp.j., founded in 1993, deals with the production and distribution of products from the Meat and Cured meats category

The company offers a variety of meats including beef, veal, lamb, goat, pork, poultry – chicken and turkey. The company has cutting lines for chicken, pork and beef. All items obtained by dissection – such as chicken fillets or pork loins or neck of pork – can be packaged under MAP or in VAC packaging. They can also be offered in bulk

In addition to meats, the company produces very tasty cold cuts – sausages and smoked meats. The sausages include those consumed cold, such as Kiełbasa Swojska Pieczona or Kabanos Swojski, as well as those that taste best hot, such as kiełbasa biała, kiełbasa podwawelska or kiełbasa toruńska. The sausages offered by the company also include excellent smoked meats. Among smoked meats, excellent hams such as Szynka z Natury z Różą or Szynka Laurowa lead the way. Products such as the excellent Bacon from the Traditional Smokehouse or Rolled Bacon also enjoy great popularity. Among smoked meats, three product categories can be distinguished: Traditional products – made in traditional wood-fired smokehouses such as Fire Roasted Ham, as well as everyday products such as delicious Breakfast Sausages with Filet, but also modern products including burgers, meats cooked for a long time using the sous vide method, or hams from the “from nature” line with additions of health-promoting herbs such as damask rose, sage or turmeric.

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