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Komandor S.A.

Komandor S.A.
ul. Potkanowska 50, 26-600 Radom
Konrad Chmiel

The Komandor Group comprises a number of companies in Europe and America that manufacture and supply products for interior design based on the original sliding door system. The strong position that KOMANDOR has held in this industry for many years has its foundations in an efficient network of Authorised Dealers throughout Europe and a presence in many markets worldwide
It was KOMANDOR that promoted the sliding door system product in the country and built its first sales network. Dynamic growth in Poland, the need for organisational changes and adaptation to serve the ever-growing sales network resulted in the launch of KOMANDOR S.A.’s production facility in Radom

In order to connect more closely and permanently with the European market, KOMANDOR invested in expanding its production lines and prefabrication facilities. We have the world’s most modern production lines for profiling coated, lacquered metal sheets, etc. In addition, we process plastics, assemble hardware mechanisms and finish chipboard edges. Thanks to our efforts, KOMANDOR’s range of products is becoming richer, more stable and more competitive, better adapted to the ever-growing demands of the market. For this reason, KOMANDOR has created the most extensive product distribution network based on 16 Completion Plants throughout Poland. The area of activity of each plant is defined by the borders of the provinces. Each factory is surrounded by a network of Authorized Dealers whose task is to actively serve the market and provide assembly services. In recent years, KOMANDOR has also expanded its distribution network outside the European market

Based on the experience gained in the domestic market, further assembly plants and wholesale warehouses have been established in areas such as: Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Ireland, France, Finland and Germany. The export departments are constantly working on opening new markets in Europe and worldwide

Konrad Chmiel

Export Manager

0048 22 666 22 90

50 Potkanowska St



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