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ul. Strefowa 2, 19-300 Ełk
Renata Kozłowska

Cezar – more than 66 years of experience has allowed us to become one of the key European manufacturers of interior finishing materials such as skirting boards, profiles for tiles and terracotta, floor and stair profiles, standard and building profiles, underlays, wall panels, etc. Our products are made from various raw materials such as MDF, aluminium, steel, brass, PVC, polystyrene, which are produced in our 5 factories. We also use recycled raw materials in our production. We have EuCertPlast – the European certification system for plastic waste recycling, which complies with the European standard EN 15343:2007.
The CEZAR® brand is synonymous with the highest quality, pioneering innovation and timeless design. The company’s founder was the brilliant designer Cezary Niewinski, whose enthusiasm and spirit of discovery can be found in the projects he realises.
Our mission is to provide innovative products in line with the motto “Perfection in every inch”. Comprehensive process and product quality control allows us to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our own specialised design centre and state-of-the-art tool room with CNC machines allow us to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.
We are a thriving company in line with the objectives of sustainable development, which set us a roadmap for transforming and reshaping the world, taking into account the economic, social and environmental aspects.

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