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ul. 27 Grudnia 5 Środa Wielkopolska 63-000
Ewa Walczak

Our company is a manufacturer of agricultural machinery for dairy farms, such as feed mixers, spreaders, trailers and a producer of highly advanced technology and membrane systems for a wide range of industries, especially food and dairy. It has strongly developed production facilities, supported by highly qualified technical and engineering and design and research staff

The company is also a producer of high quality whey powder, which finds its customers in the domestic market and all over the world. The ALIMA GROUP comprises two whey powder plants (PPHU ALIMA-BIS SP. Z O.O. in Góra and the plant ALIMA-MILK SP. Z O.O. in Złotów). ALIMA GROUP powder plants operate in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and HALALsystems

In addition, GRUPA ALIMA has an Agricultural Service Centre in Podgórze near Łomża owned by PPHU ALIMA-BIS SP. Z O.O. and serving farmers in Podlasie and the surrounding area, as well as ALIMA-PACK SYSTEMS PACKING SP. Z O.O. dealing with packaging and palletising machinery

The slogan “MILKROAD TO SUCCESS” is the orientation of our company’s activities. The fundamental aim of our activity is to strive to improve and modernise the technical solutions used at every stage of milk production and processing and the systems used in many industries. As a result, our customers can benefit by saving time, reducing raw material acquisition costs and the cost of producing a high-quality end product. The company’s range of products is primarily aimed at individual farms, dairy farms, milk processing plants and food plants. Our equipment and dairy products meet all local and global quality requirements

Ewa Walczak

Milk Powders Export Sales Manager

48 61 285 38 62

48 691 33 29 33

5 27 Grudnia St

Środa Wielkopolska


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