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Spółdzielcza Wytwórnia Aparatów Natryskowych WAN

Spółdzielcza Wytwórnia Aparatów Natryskowych WAN
Łużycka 10, 81-537 Gdynia
Grzegorz Gałeczko

WAN – Polish manufacturer of compressors operating on the pneumatics market since 1950
offers you professional screw and piston compressors
Experience and the use of state-of-the-art solutions in the field of pneumatics
give us the ability to create top quality machines that guarantee reliability
Our offer is aimed at large industrial plants as well as smaller workshops

The production programme includes

– screw compressors in the power range from 3 to 75kW and pressures up to 15 bar
Thanks to the use of components from renowned manufacturers (including
screw module of the German company ROTORCOMP ) WAN compressors provide
long service life, high energy efficiency and operational safety
All our compressors are also available with inverter and models up to
15kW can be tank mounted

– the reciprocating compressors are based on our own S1-P36 pump design
Powered by a 3 kW motor, the compressor provides a capacity of 15-20 m³/h and a pressure of 6-10 bar,
is aggregated on Polish pressure vessels of 120 -400 litres
The cast-iron, low-speed compressor is still very widely used in smaller
smaller production workshops, vulcanisation plants and specialist installations
such as water treatment plants. Its trouble-free operation during intensive use
is appreciated by our customers, who have been using this compressor series for several decades

We round off our product range with compressed air treatment systems based on
compressed air treatment systems based on dryers and network filters from European manufacturers
compressed air receivers from 100 to 30 000 litres and up to 40 bar
We take an individual approach to each customer trying to meet their expectations

Grzegorz Gałeczko

Commercial Director

48 58 622 08 97

48 501 374 416

Łużycka 10



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