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Polna 21, 05-250 Radzymin
Monika Sagan-Woźniak

Our products are based on micronutrients and natural ingredients rich in vitamins. The formulations of the new generation cosmetics are developed by demanding pharmacologists and cosmetologists from the SORAYA European Research and Development Centre. The formulations are always subjected to comprehensive research and testing. Our cosmetics are not tested on animals

SORAYA was established in 1984 as a small, private cosmetic company. For over 25 years of existence on the Polish market, it has evolved and changed its face and products, but always with a view to those thanks to whom it exists – women
In 1999. SORAYA received the international quality certificate ISO 9001 guaranteeing the highest production standards and high quality of products

In 2000, we were recognised by the Swedish company Cederroth International AB. The larger capital quickly paid off with increased market shares, modern products and media presence. This gave us access to state-of-the-art technology and know-how in cosmetology as well as opportunities to develop our own research and formulations
SORAYA is also a distributor of other brands from the group on the Polish market: Cederroth’s – Pharbio (OTC medicines sold without a prescription) and Alberto – Culver – St. Ives (body cosmetics produced according to Swiss formulas based on natural ingredients)

Monika Sagan-Woźniak

Export Manager

48 695 672 865

Polna 21



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