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Klaromed sp. zo.o.

Klaromed sp. zo.o.
Klaromed sp. z o.o. Sulejówek, ul. Sobieskiego 123, 05-070

KLAROMED – a clear mission for medicine

We manufacture and comprehensively equip hospitals, outpatient clinics or palliative care homes from the public and non-public health sector with modern medical equipment.

Our mission is to provide these facilities with the best and comprehensive solutions, making it easier for medical staff to work and provide comprehensive assistance in the care and treatment of patients. We are a Polish, family-owned, strongly goal-oriented company. The dynamic growth of the company is made possible by honesty, professionalism and an individual approach.

The flagship products are:
– plusLED operating lights
– and the operating theatre integration system INTEGRATOR.

We have a broad portfolio of comprehensive solutions for decontamination and disinfection. We also offer a line of operating tables, which is growing rapidly.
Our KLAROLINE specialised medical furniture is manufactured using the highest technologies.

For the past eight years, we have also been involved in exporting manufactured products. Operating lamps have quickly found their customers already in more than 22 countries worldwide. Exports of operating tables have also increased significantly in the last year, and KLAROLINE furniture has gained interest in the Arab markets, for example.

We attach great importance to the quality of the service we provide. More than 52,000 medical products sold are evidence of a steadily growing loyal customer base.

Clear cooperation and reliability – this is what we are building our position on in the demanding market of medical equipment suppliers.

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