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The A-Lima-Bis Ltd. company has been operating for over twenty years. During those years we have been focused on production and delivery of machinery and equipment for dairy farms and industry including equipment for milk collecting, storage and processing. Moreover, our company is the main supplier of membrane systems and technology for many industrial branches and a producer of high quality whey powder. Additionally, our company owns the production facility that is intensely developed and supported by highly qualified technical and engineering as well as research and planning staff.
That is why, the basis for our actions is the idea that all of our purchasers should be offered the best product at the same time with the staff’s highest level of professionalism and concern. Because of that, we continually concentrate our efforts on our improvement in products and services as well as on constant range differentiation. Apart from that, we also focus on enhancing the level of our staff at the same time remembering about taking into consideration our customers’ needs and expectations.

Ewa Walczak
Milk Powders Export Sales Manager
27 Grudnia St no. 5
Środa Wlkp

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Nazwa Firmy:AlimaBis

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