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UP GO sp. z o.o.

UP GO sp. z o.o.

UP’GO sp. z o.o. deals with manufacturing of healthy beverages. The first launched brand is Up&Go Kombucha – a tea drink based on kombucha which is a Manchurian mushroom. Currently we are working on another brands in the scope of superfoods: tea drink matcha, coconut water, activated carbon water.

UP&GO KOMBUCHA is a tea drink based on kombucha – a Manchurian mushroom used in alternative medicine, that come in four flavours:
• CLASSIC – classic kombucha,
• MAPLE&VANILLA – maple and vanilla flavoured kombucha,
• SCHIZANDRA&ROWAN – schisandra (Chinese magnolia-vine) and rowan flavoured kombucha,
• JAGODY ACAI&GOJI – acai and goji berry flavoured kombucha.

In comparison to directly and indirectly competitive products at potential markets and with respect to nutritive values, UP&GO Kombucha represents “healthier” and more attractive offer for the consumer.
The product is not sweetened with saccharose but with fructose with low GI.
The product does not contain artificial preservatives and food colourings.
The product is not chemically modified by aby means.
The product is GMO-free.
The product does not contain soy.
The product is very refreshing and fits in the climate of targeted countries perfectly.
The shelf-life of the product is 12 months starting from the production date. This period lets us transport our products over long distances by means of merchant vessels. Competitive kombucha drinks have shorter shelf-life (3-6 months) and require cold storage.
The product is manufactured in glass bottle, in comparison to competitive products, which are sold in PET bottles, the glass is more appreciated by customers and in consumer’s perception it proves the product’s high quality.

Jakub Gierszewski
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