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LARS company was founded in 1984 by Andrzej Szymanski. Initially, its business was based mostly on gas heating systems, but after two years the company has expanded
its activity with lighting. The experience of the company’s owner regarding automation and heating areas made it possible to start designing and manufacturing of AURATON temperature controllers and shortly afterwards pump controllers (formerly known under the brand Euroster). Over the years the company’s offer has been enriched with lighting tests and measurements services. LARS is also distributor of BLV company products – halogens, metal-halogens and IV and IR radiators.

Lighting: Our offer is very diverse, the features that are common for all our products are: durability, high reliability and professional realization. Innovation is very important in our work in regards to technologies, design as well as the source of light.

We especially recommend our new range of products manufactured in LED technology.

LED Technology: This group of products contains of lamps and wires in which LED is the source of light. This group includes: LEDNeon, running lights, LED tapes, tubes, panels etc. They can be used both in- and outdoors. They are often used in decorating interiors and houses as well as theatres, cinemas and public buildings.

Another types of lighting in our offer are: optical fibres, track spot lighting systems and fittings: Board LIGHT,.

Thermostats: We have over 15 years of experience in manufacturing of thermostats. Since 2004 they are known under the brand AURATON, earlier – Euroster.

Auraton programmable thermostats are high quality room temperature controlling devices, they can be used with every heating or cooling devices.

Alicja Rosłan-Gozdecka
Import & Export Manager
ul. Człuchowska 12

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