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Komandor S.A.

Komandor S.A.

KOMANDOR is a leading manufacturer in the booming industry of sliding door and built-ins systems. For over 18 years of presence on the world market, we have created not only an efficient distribution model, but also an excellent product known almost all over the world.

The structure of KOMANDOR is made up of several companies from all over Europe and America which manufacture and supply components for the production of interior furnishings based on the original sliding door system. A leading position in its market has been established thanks to KOMANDOR’s effective network of Authorized Dealers situated across Europe as well as on the global market.

Our company was the first of its kind to introduce and promote complete interior design solutions with sliding door systems and the sales network in the country. As demand continued to increase, our company grew and developed until it finally launched its own production plant, KOMANDOR S.A. in Radom, Poland for supplying its expanding sales network.

In order to be closely and strongly bound by the European market, KOMANDOR continuously invests in the development of its production lines and prefabrication plants. Our factories use the most modern metal cutting and shaping technologies for working with coated and lacquered metal sheeting. In addition, KOMANDOR’s plants also specialize in plastic processing, mounting fitting mechanisms and finishing particle board edges. Thanks to our efforts Komandor’s product line is richer, more stable, more competitive and better adapted to the ever increasing market demand.

For this reason, KOMANDOR created the largest distribution network in the contry, consisting of 16 assembly facilities and covering the entire country. Each assembly plant’s production activity was designated to one of sixteen provinces in Poland. Each assembly plant is surrounded by KOMANDOR’s chain of Authorized Dealers who take care of our customers and deal with installation services.

In recent years, our company has expanded its network beyond European market. Taking advantage of its experience in the domestic market, KOMANDOR launched assembly plants and warehouses in countries around the globe including Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Finland and Germany. As we grow, our export departments continuously search for new potential markets to enter in Europe and abroad.

Konrad Chmiel
Export Manager
ul. Potkanowska 50

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