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TELDAT company successfully operates on the arms market since dozen years. It is a known and renowned designer and producer of the most modern in the world teleinformatics solutions, supporting management and command of the troops. These products, both hardware and software, are successfully used in the Polish Armed Forces, and used and tested by the NATO and European states.

Our company is engaged in research and development, designing, production, installing, and servicing of specialized electronic, data communication, telecommunication, computer and alarm devices and systems. All the products, both hardware and software, from a design to a final product, are made by the teams of engineers from TELDAT.

Our company has all the necessary capabilities to meet all requirement and standards imposed to the companies participating in tenders and research and development projects, including C4ISR systems. These are mainly: research and development potential, production capacity and service, experience (in that gained from the participation in the undertakings of NATO, EU and Peace for Partnership), certificates, awards and honors for our products. These attributes locate TELDAT company to the world’s leading producers of specialized military teleinformatics solutions.

Our products and services have been successfully used in hundreds of garrisons, buildings, units and institutions of the Polish Army, including contingents on missions in Congo, Afghanistan, Chad and Lithuania. For several years they have also taken part in all the major exercises conducted, particularly in Europe, by the Polish Armed Forces, the United States, NATO, EU and Partnership for Peace. These products have been positively estimated by Buyers and Users, including the partners from the North Atlantic Alliance.

Ryszard Wiśniewski
V-ce Director of Trade & Marketing Office
Daniel Lemke
Director of Trade & Marketing Office
ul. Cicha 19-27

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