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Bezpol is a company with over 15 years of experience in production of accessories for the energetic industry. Nowadays the company specializes in manufacturing of surge current limiters, earthing systems, transformer accessories (TOGA, MK connectors, connector covers), cable, lineal and station accessories. The company’s products have all the required certificates and attestations. The company has been awarded with numerous prizes and distinctions (e.g. at the ENERGETAB fair) for its innovational technologies and the high quality of products.

– Surge current limiters (for high, medium and low voltage)
– Indoor surge current limiters
– Equipment for heating and ventilation of control cabinets
– Cable, lineal and station accessories
– Transformer accessories (TOGA, MK connectors, connector covers)
– Earthing systems (poles)
– Composite insulators for medium voltage
– Accessories for medium voltage line construction
– Street lighting control equipment (astronomical clocks with remotes, Bluetooth and GSM communication)
– Ignition switches

Anna Majtka
Marketing Manager
Ewa Maligłówka
Administration Specialist
ul. Partyzantów 21

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Nazwa Firmy:P.P. BEZPOL Sp.J.

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