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P.P.H.U. ASTRA Sp. z o.o.

P.P.H.U. ASTRA Sp. z o.o.

The Company was established in 1993. Initially, it was merely a family business, but now it is a Company Partnership. One hundred percent of the Company shared is held by natural persons.

Our principal activities are shaped around production of carmel-based sweets.

The sweets we produce are:

– Patterned lollipops (various flavours and basic weight)

– Stuffing lollipops

– Multi-flavour ball-shaped lollipops

– Fruit drops

– Citrus candies

– Christmas tree icicles

Our ambitions is to produce top quality goods, we realize these purposes forcefully through accustoming systems of quality: HACCP and ISO 9001. Besides, we are proud to be able to conform to changable market demands and needs.

As a results, our products receive wide recognition and meet with great demand both Poland and abroad, thus helping our Company develop continuosly.

Michał Dunaj
Export Senior Manager
Marcin Dunaj
Export Senior Manager
Krajowice 5d

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Nazwa Firmy:P.P.H.U. ASTRA Sp. z o.o.

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