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ul. Cicha 19-27, 85-650 Bydgoszcz
Ryszard Wiśniewski

TELDAT is the only Polish company in the field of military IT, which has been dynamically and effectively operating in the defence market for more than 20 years. The company possesses: the largest national and worldwide highly specialised potential (including engineering), broad competencies and capabilities, as well as comprehensive and unified, in some areas unique and reference hardware and software solutions valued both at home and abroad. The company specialises mainly in the effective implementation of research and development, design, production, as well as implementation and maintenance (including remote service supervision, which is rare in military IT solutions) of specialised ICT products, dedicated especially to security and national defence. It also has the necessary certificates, other authorisations and numerous awards and distinctions, including those obtained for the development and implementation of innovative and comprehensive solutions. The above attributes position TELDAT in the forefront of designers and manufacturers of integrated (complex) support systems (including automation) for command, military operations and communications, also referred to as systems of systems

  • TELDAT’s supplied products and provided services (like no other Polish company of this type) have been and still are in large assortment, large quantity, wide range and successfully used, as well as researched and tested, among others in
    most units and institutions of the Polish Army and in the most important international theatres of military operations (including war), dislocated especially in: Afghanistan, Romania, Pakistan, the Central African Republic, Congo, Chad, the Baltic States, Kuwait and the Balkans;
  • successive editions of the largest military exercises organised by the Polish Armed Forces, the USA and NATO, including in the field of command support and communications. These were and are mainly: Combined Endeavor, NATO CWID, NATO CWIX (held in many European countries), Bold Quest (held in the USA) and ANAKONDA (especially the 2016 edition held in Poland), as well as DRAGON, BAGRAM, COMPACT GREY, BORSUK, PIERŚCIEŃ, ŚWIDER and LATOWICZ, among others. In many of these projects, TELDAT solutions and services were used as reference and the only Polish ones;
  • international projects and programmes with a global reach, e.g.: those increasingly implemented with Raytheon from the USA and within the framework of the Multilateral Interoperability Programme (MIP), in which TELDAT and its products appear
    for years, also as the only Polish and among the few to have passed the highest level of these checks;
  • polish, NATO, European and American test laboratories. In the latter, they have been checked (including for ICT security) for more than a year. The positive results of this process, among others, have determined that the military solutions produced by TELDAT are dedicated to the global market for the new generation of the Patriot system
    TELDAT’s more than 20 years of active and effective activity in the field in question has significantly contributed to the development of command support systems, military operations and communications, also in the allied dimension. This has enabled Poland to be at the forefront of NATO countries in this field,
    which had never been the case before.

Ryszard Wiśniewski

Deputy Director of Marketing and Trade Office

0048 52 341 97 40

0048 52 341 97 08

Daniel Lemke

Director of Marketing and Trade Office

0048 52 341 97 08

0048 52 341 97 40

48 668 570 954

cicha street 19-27



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