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Pustków-Osiedle 59D, 39-206 Pustków
Maria Gaweł

LERG S.A is a manufacturer of POLFILL brand putties

The POLFILL brand has been on the market since 2005

In 2005 LERG S.A. – a manufacturer of synthetic resins, one of the largest chemical companies in Poland, developed a base resin, the most important ingredient of polyester putties and decided to create a new product group. And so, over the following years, it successively launched further products for the renovation of car bodies

The POLFILL brand includes a wide range of products for the renovation of car and truck bodies, buses, boats and yachts, among others. These products are based on selected raw materials, which guarantees their high standard. Ease of application, light processing, no shrinkage, repeatable quality – these are the main features of the products offered

The constantly expanding portfolio is designed to enable our customers to work with proven and reliable products of the same brand at different stages of bodywork repairs. The high quality and wide range of products offered, as well as professional technical advice and customer service, mean that POLFILL products have gained a wide range of supporters both at home and abroad

We currently offer products in the following product groups

Polyester putties and resins
Acrylic products (primers, clear coats)
Hardeners and thinners for acrylic and polyester products
Body repair products (compounds, body protectants)
Polishing products (polishing sponges, discs, pads, polyurethane foam, tapes)

Anna Szumańska

Promotion and advertising specialist

0048 14 6806 285

Maria Gaweł

Customer Service Specialist

0048 14 6806 285

0048 14 6806 300

Pustków-Osiedle 59D



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