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About us

Export Promotion Foundation

The goal of the Export Promotion Foundation is to facilitate Polish companies’ access to foreign markets by using the most effective tools to popularize Polish products and services on individual markets. These tools have been carefully selected based on the extensive knowledge and many years of experience of our experts. The activities of the Export Promotion Foundation cover both prospective and developed markets.

The main task of the Export Promotion Foundation is to coordinate the activities of the Polish Export Cluster.

Why is it worth joining
to the company directory?

Here are some reasons why you should consider listing your business in such a directory:

Increasing visibility on the web – company directories are often searched by potential customers, which means that your company has a better chance of reaching new customers.

Building trust – listing your company in a business directory can help build a positive image and trust among potential customers who are looking for trustworthy businesses.

Making business contacts – joining the company directory can help you establish business contacts with other entrepreneurs, which can lead to potential assignments and cooperation.

Promotion of services – business directories are often used by entrepreneurs as a source of information about services and products offered by other companies, which means that your company can gain additional promotion.

Easy and quick to join – Joining the directory of companies is usually very simple and quick, which means that it can be done without much time and effort.

In conclusion, joining a business directory can bring many benefits to your business. Thanks to greater visibility on the web, building trust, establishing business contacts and promoting services, your company can gain new customers and increase its profits.

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