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Polcom is a company with 25 years of experience in providing comprehensive services and IT products for business. Polcom has at its disposal the most modern and the biggest data center in Poland using the most developed technologies based on which Polcom provides services of cloud computing and data storage.
Apius Technologies SA
Apius Technologies is a Polish company operating in the international market of IT Services. Our activity is focused on areas where we are an acknowledged leader: cyber security, IP communications and the development of our own applications. We provide services in Poland and 11 countries: Great Britain, Germany, USA, Scandinavia and many others.
Aplisens SA
Aplisens is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality process instrumentation.
ELZAB SA is a leader on the Polish market, specializing in the design, production and distribution of electronic cash registers, fiscal printers, electronic scales, price checkers, cash drawers and accessories for cash system integration. Our offer is aimed at small, medium and big service and trading companies. The company has experience in preparing products for other markets as well.
TELDAT company successfully operates on the arms market since dozen years. It is a known and renowned designer and producer of the most modern in the world teleinformatics solutions, supporting management and command of the troops. These products, both hardware and software, are successfully used in the Polish Armed Forces, and used and tested by the NATO and European states.