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Aesculap Chifa Company is a manufacturer of medical devices for the global quality parameters. Aesculap Chifa is also a distributor of a wide range of medical instruments.
ASTAR is a leader in the production of physiotherapy equipment. Our offer consists of equipment for electrotherapy , laser therapy, sonotherapy, magnetotherapy, phototherapy and vacuum therapy
Bristol**** Art & Medical SPA
Bristol**** Art & Medical SPA is a health resort complex situated in the heart of Busko-Zdroj in the neighborhood of Zdrojowy Park. Rehabilitation at Bristol**** Art & SPA Sanatorium is based on an individual and holistic patient treatment and includes treatments of: locomotor system as well as orthopedic, neurological, rheumatological, dermatological diseases, spine pain syndromes and circulatory system diseases.
Famed Żywiec
Famed Żywiec is a leading European manufacturer of high quality medical equipment. In over 70 years of our history, we have supplied medical facilities with thousands of top-quality operating tables, hospital beds, treatment chairs and other equipment. Famed products are used by doctors in Poland and almost 90 countries around the world, in the most demanding markets and in the most difficult conditions.
FORMED is a manufacturer of high-quality, innovative products in the field of specialized medical equipment and furniture.