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Food and Processing

Agrol Company Ltd commenced its operations in 1996. Since the outset of its existence, for 16 years, our company has remained faithful to its mission, that is satisfying the customers’ needs.
The A-Lima-Bis Ltd. company has been operating for over twenty years. During those years we have been focused on production and delivery of machinery and equipment for dairy farms and industry including equipment for milk collecting, storage and processing.
“Krówki” candies are one of the oldest, and most valued Polish sweets. The tradition of making those delicious sweets in Opole Lubelskie began in the early 50s of last century. Krówki made by us are still producing with the old recipe, on the basis of the highest quality milk, cream, sugar and glucose syrup.
Jutrzenka Colian Sp. z o. o.
We are a strong capital group of confectionery manufacturers operating under the brands Jutrzenka, Goplana, Kaliszanka and the firm Ziołopex. The combined experience, technologies and manufacturing potentials of the cooperating firms has enabled us to achieve the position of one of the largest confectionery manufacturers on the Polish market (12%) and gain a strong position on the spices market. Over 2,000 employees working in the factories in Bydgoszcz, Poznań, Kalisz and Wykroty produce approximately 250 types of confectionery products, spices, delicacies and tea every day.
Laboratoria Natury Sp. z o.o.
Laboratoria Natury is a manufacturer of high-quality food supplements, medical devices and functional drinks. We manufacture syrups, tonics, functional drinks, juices, oils and hard capsules. All these products are also available in BIO/organic and halal versions. Innovation, top quality and the best effect of our products are of key importance to us. All production processes are in compliance with the ISO 9001:2009, 22000:2006, 13485:2016 Quality Management and HACCP Food Safety systems.