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Building and Construction

DOSPEL Sp. z o.o.
Dospel is one of the big gest producers of ventilation devices and systems and it offers highest quality products and services. The company strives to envision and meet the client’s expectations and therefore it continuously develops innovative solutions which upgrade the standards of its products.
For over 20 years Gras has been designing, manufacturing and distributing fire equipment, medical rescue and OSH (occupational safety and health). All of the hydrants offered by GRAS satisfy standards of fire regulations and have EC conformity certificates.
SCHED-POL Sp. J. Stefan i Henryk Schaedler
More than 35 years of our experience in production means high quality, innovation and reliability of products. We are a leader in production of modern systems for bathtubs’ and shower-trays’ building as well as acrylic trays and bathtubs according to authorial technologies: Stabilsound® and Stabilsound Plus®. The essential element of the company’s activity is production of building tools – spirit levels, steel squares.
Spółdzielcza Wytwórnia Aparatów Natryskowych WAN
The WAN company – a Polish manufacturer of compressors operating in this field since 1950 – offers you professional screw and piston compressors. Our experience and use of state of the art solutions from the pneumatics field give us the ability to create the highest quality machinery which guarantees its reliability. Our offer is directed to big production plants as well as small workshops.